Before I start my website I had doubts. Why would I start a website, there are plenty of them already out there.

Will people find any interest in reading my words?

I am not even a writer and I am looking to write. Where or how will I find inspirations to write in a consistent manner?

How long should my articles be? Which language? French or English, or both?  I am very strategic, and usually think a lot before doing.  Though I believe this is a critical characteristics to have, I am confident it kills creativity, spontaneity.

Am I going to do it all the way down, as in just write a few articles then get bored, and stop?


I did not want to start something and then give up or get discouraged. I wanted to be sure that I was going to be committed for the long haul (ok not forever ever) but at least for a good amount of time.

I got 99 questions …

I was skeptical, and scared; I did not have the tools, you know the perfect blogger must-have pack, a Mac, a   software editing, a fancy camera. I don’t have them yet.

Then I realized, that my brain, is my most powerful tool. I was looking  at other websites ( on topics that are of interest to me) , such self-development, beauty , entrepreneurship, and they looked clean : breathtaking high definition captures ; structured and concise articles ;   ergonomic website…

Pause I am actually at work while writing this.   I have work ethic so I am doing it, during my lunch break.

So I wrote as many articles as I could before the birth of my website, to promote myself and my skills; while saving some to acquire the tools. It is an investment, but I don’t think we need to put all our savings on having the fanciest and latest technology to launch a website, but better a clear idea of what it is going to be about,  and at what level we are looking to inspire people (because yes other people inspired me to do so) and how it will serve our next goal.

I have done a SWOT (thank you business school) I realized what I lacked and my strengths.  I worked it out, and when I was ready or should I say when I DECIDED to be ready I did it.

So what is going to be about : Beauty, beauty and beauty 🙂   and some insights about self development coming from personal  and professional experiences. The aim is growth in all aspects.

Doubt is a demon, please eradicate



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