“Childpreneur”, since Kinshasa!

Every single successful or aspiring entrepreneur has a story like that.

I have read a couple of reviews, articles, books, about entrepreneurship. I have met, dated, and seen entrepreneurs and aspiring ones around me. My grandmother was an entrepreneur, she used to distribute in her store in Africa, beverage and fresh groceries. My mother is an entrepreneur, I saw her several times, going to Italy, to buy items (bags, shoes, and accessories) and sell them to acquaintances, friends, family, neighbors, sometimes to my own friends.

There are two, conceptions about entrepreneurship, some will say, it is something that is part of you, you have it in you, sort of an inner talent. Some instead claim that is an earned/ learned skill. I have no idea so far, in which side to be of.

In hindsight, I have always had an entrepreneurial mindset since little. When I was a little girl, I wanted some sweets but my grandmother did not give me money. So I decided I am going to find a way to get it myself.  Go getter since Kinshasa! As soon as she went to the market, I took some of her raw peanuts, put a stand in front of the house, table, and napkins, displayed a price using the means I had (the exact amount of money I needed to buy my caramel sweet – my pricing strategy was not sharp back then) and waited.

Let’s make a recap of my very first entrepreneurial experience:

  • Time invested: an entire afternoon
  • Money invested : nothing, as I literally used my grandmother’s products, and what was at my disposal
  • Money earned: 0


No client. No money. No sweet.

What I got was mockery; my childhood friends, and neighbors laughed at me, what is she doing? I think at first, not everybody is going to understand what you are doing, simply because not everybody has your vision. Not everybody could understand the purpose and the objective that justified the action I took. My goal was to have my sweet and I found a way. Yes I failed. Now I have a nice story to share with you. The good thing is when you are little those things never really affect you, at least not as much as you grow.  All I wanted was a sweet. I took the risk, it did not pay off, but at least I tried. Oh yeah, needless to say, my grandparents yelled at me for stealing what was not mine. I was a naughty girl.

What it is that you want? What is it that you have tried to get it? How many times have you tried it?

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Here the link to the video I made telling that funny story.



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J’ai lu plusieurs articles et  livres au sujet de l’entrepreneuriat. J’ai rencontré, fréquenté des entrepreneurs, et je côtoie des personnes qui aspirent à l’entreprenariat. De ma grand-mère qui vend des boissons et produits frais, à ma mère qui partait en Italie pour acheter des marchandises pour les revendre à son retour en France,  j’ai toujours été entourée  de personnes avec  le goût de l’entrepreneuriat.

Il y’a deux conceptions au sujet de l’entrepreneuriat. La première considère que c’est inné, une sorte de talent inné, d’autres pensent que c’est une compétence qui s’acquiert.  Mon avis : Que ce soit inné ou un acquis, je pense c’est quelque chose qui se doit d’être développé au fil des années, expériences, échecs, initiatives….

Dans le fond je pense que j’ai toujours eu un esprit entrepreneurial depuis petite. J’ai fait une vidéo sur youtube,  où je raconte une anecdote assez drôle au sujet de ma première tentative entrepreneuriale (lien ci-dessous) et n’oubliez pas de vous abonner.

Je vous invite à la regarder (vidéo en anglais, sous-titrée)





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