When summer comes around, we all think of going somewhere, to escape from the mundane life; to breathe a different air and experience new people, a different way of thinking and doing things.

Usually while travelling,  I am not attracted by the  night life of a city , but its landscape and environment. The image featured in this  article has been taken in 2015, by my cousin probably during a short trip in Madrid.

There is something , very unique about this place especially when the sun starts setting. A peaceful sensation, it is almost spiritual. From the research I made , it was an ancient Egyptian temple that was dismantled and rebuilt in Spain. The Egyptian stated donated the temple of Debod to Spain, as a sign of gratitude for the help they provided for saving other temples.  Originally Templo de Debod was located in Debod ( duh 🙂 – Egypt, it  was constructed from the second century BC and was dedicated to the God Amon, then to the goddess Isis.

I have not traveled the entire world, however I have been to enough cities, and among all , so far, Templo de Debod ( and Abu Dhabi, mosquée) are the two places where I have felt the most at peace.  Both are places of ” worship”, maybe a coincidence ?

You can seat , and even  fall, sleep, and fear nothing; the atmosphere is light, fresh, smooth, the breeze will caress your spirit and soul, and there is a belonging sensation.

It is simply magical. Some things can not be said, but felt.

What is your summer plan, if you are going around Madrid, you may have some plans to visit the city center, do not miss Templo de Debod. It is walking distance from Plaza de Espana, in Parque del Cuartel de la Montana.

Buen provecho.








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