The brand released the collection maybe 2 years ago, but I only started to value the brand a couple of months ago.

I don’t know why, but in my mind quality is connected to price. Therefore, I have always perceived the brand, as cheap and so non qualitative.

WRONG !!  Today I use a few products from NYX that are part of my everyday make up routine.

My consumer review : 


  • Very pigmented
  • It is mat but still has some moist
  • Very easy to remove with some water and oil
  • Smooth applicator

Cons :

  • Some colours look almost  the same
  • If your lips are thick enough, it will even make them look more voluminous
  • Well the moist can be a con if you like it to be very mat, almost dry on your lips

A little goes a long way therefore, use a little bit on your bottom lip then spread it over.


I would not repurchase it, as I was a bit disappointed on the lip swatches.Most of the colors did not flatter me.

Check the video on youtube :


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