There is something about fragrances, they tell a story, and bring up memories from a place, a person, a song or even a specific period of your life. For my part, I like switching them up and playing around with them. Season after season, from a mood to another or an occasion. Here is my current staple.

m12092092_P1626007_princ_mediumJour d’Hermès – Hermès:

This perfume is very light and warm, sensual,  like a flower pot, but is very soft. I like to blend fragrances because it makes you unique. However you need to know how to mix, because not all ingredients go together. Depending on my mood I may use this as base (bottom) and add something more fruity.If you like to stay mysterious, and have a person wondering what you are wearing that’s the one and leave a subtile impression;

To note: Grapefuit and apricot flowers
Heart note: Gardénia, Jasmin Sambac et flower notes

Base note: wood notes


le-jardin-de-monsieur-li-eau-de-toilette-vaporisateur.jpgLe jardin de Monsieur Li – Hermès :

 I used not to like flower based fragrance. However, the way all ingredients are combined in this one , is marvelous. It has been designed, to recall a Chinese garden, (thus the green cap) where you can do meditation, and think peacefully.
Imagine how it may feel on your skin, a taste and a scent of peace on your body.

Key ingredients : Kumquat, Jasmin and Mint.



guerlain-eau-de-toilette-vaporisateur-rechargeable-samsara.jpgSamsara – Guerlain :

Created in 1853, by Pierre – François Pascal Guerlain for Eugénie, who was Napoleon III’s wife. It is an elixir of pure jasmin and sandalwood bottled in the legendary Guerlain bee bottle.

Top note : Hesperidian head  notes                                                                                           Middle note : Jasmin, Ylang Ylang
Base note : Sandalwood, Iris, Tonka bean, vanilla.


chanel-coco-mademoiselle.jpgCoco Mademoiselle – Chanel :

It is the fragrance that best suits my character. It has been inspired from Gabrielle Chanel. It is the olfactive echo of an independent spirit , that break the rules to create their own.  It portraits a woman that is ready to make history and embrace  ( take control of )her destiny with audacity.  An alternative name for the perfume could have been Freedom  ! What makes it unique is its duality between the strong oriental notes and the freshness of the flower accents.

Un oriental au caractère affirmé et pourtant d’une étonnante fraîcheur.

Top notes : orange

Heart notes : jasmin, rose

Base notes :  patchouli

twilly-d-hermes_3.jpgTwilly – Hermès  :

A spicy, oriental, and discrete fresh scent. I have seen some reviews, some people are complaining that it does not last, what I would recommend is to complement it with another scent. For  the unconventional,  audacious  and delicate women.

Key ingredients : ginger, oriental flowers.



 m15601454_P2860029_princ_medium.jpgEau des merveilles  bleue – Hermès  :

My favourite and number one of all time, hands down, all season, all day , all occasion,  everyday; any mood. Where to start, it is magic and a bit of evasion concentrated in a bottle.  It has a woody , mineral  and amber scent ( patchouli) (  strong enough to last) and fresh at the same time . It feels like an escape when you smell it.  I am giving it the grammy  award of fragrances, if I should compare it, I would say it is like a number 10 in a football team.  A must have.

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