I was like, really, are you going to have a Monday motivation category?

It is a bit of a contradiction, to try to boost people, while yourself you need a good dose of that motivation juice.

The idea was, to give not my all, but to be as whole as possible, while writing and delivering messages. Life is about balance, that’s why I did not say, my all. I think that’s going to be my main message.  Balance, do you remember when you were trying  to learn how to bike ? I  recall it took me to fall so many times just to find balance and start biking my life away :), with some assistance.

Well , this is what I am trying to find, between blogging, vlogging, working, and positioning myself , to become what I am aspiring  to. It is not an easy task, however without it we fall. It’s ok to fall, to fail, but fail fast.

Keep falling, keep asking for help, (  you did not learn to bike by yourself don’t you ? ) , and keep striving to find the balance. It is a long ride to get the balance, and another long road to get to your goals.  Ride and fly  until the day you die 🙂

I am aiming at keeping those weekly motivation sentences short, because hey,  ain’t nobody got time for that 🙂

At what age did you learn to bike ? how long it took you to learn how to ride a bicycle ? I remember I was maybe 7 years old .

During that summer 1998,  I was do determined to learn because it kept me from having fun with other children that already knew how to do so. I told myself I am not going to be left on the side. I tried, I tried, I fell, I hurt myself, I was frustrated, and every single day I kept repeating the same process, of riding, falling, hurting myself, until ……. Yeah  !!!!!!!! I screamed so hard. What a memory.  If that summer you recall having heard a strange noise, it was probably me expressing  my joy out.

See you next Monday.

Glowy kisses,






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