Are you a coke addict ?  If you do, you may consider ever lessening your consumption of the most famous soda in the world. 2 billion of bottles are sold every day in the world.

Waouhh ! people drink more Coca Cola than water, and we know what our body actually needs. Would I say I don’t drink Coca Cola. Nope, but it is not part of my routine either. I know the feeling, you have a great meal, and to finish up you need that gas to complement it.

Those bubbles , that sugar , that flavor, Lord, why is it, that the best think  cause the most harm to our boy and health. Life is unfair ..

Because I do not want it to be boring, I don’t want to give you a list of all the dangers that drinking soda implies.

But think of all the benefits :

  • You will be more fit
  • You will lose belly fat ( this one though )
  • You will be less depressed
  • You will reduce risks of cancer  ( prostate for men ; breast for women )
  • You will keep your brain cells  healthy ( toxicity)
  • You will keep your teeth white
  • You will save money ( $£££££ )
  • Your skin will age slower  … and best for last,
  • You skin will be brighter and glow better 🙂

I have noticed an improvement on my skin, as soon as I decided to ( not stop) but reduce my consumption of that Coke, meaning, not making drinking soda a habit, but more like an occasion. I encourage you to do so. Life is short, but we all want to  live long 🙂

Glowy kisses.



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