Welcome back to Monday Motivation #2 , I am really feeling this section of my blog, because while  I motivate you ( at least I hope ) , well it is like a self therapy as I am also motivating myself.

I like to write, not sure if I can use the word  love, to write but it is feel right. It comes easy. As everyone I may sometimes lack inspiration, but when I put myself into it, it flows. I think that is when you know it is  a skill , a talent that lies within you. Well, Today’s Monday motivation is about, discovering yourself, and more particularly your talent and skills.

Needless to say we all have talents, some more than others, but I am confident we have a set of talents ( that complement each other).  Yes you do, you may not know them, or  maybe not all of them but you do. The hardest think is to discover them,  develop them, use them to serve a purpose greater than our own personal ambitions’s.

Another harsh part, is that many of us,( including myself) hide and sometimes bury their own talents.  Over the last few weeks, that is what I have been doing. Hiding my talents, so I had a downtime ( in terms of activity) because I was feeling like  it served no purpose.  But the devil is a liar 🙂

I then realized how much I have been blessed through other people’s talents and skills. Imagine if your favourite artist/ singer, did not  follow their dreams, or your favourite football soccer, or youtuber stopped uploading her tutorials … It stroke me , then it helped me to keep writing again. Basically when you are hiding and burying your talents, it is selfish, and egoist. Why would not you want to share, your knowledge, your experience, your intuition, your vision to the world and help someone else, feel better, know better, be better, dress better… what if Steve Jobs did not develop his skills, would you have your Mac or iPhone you might be using as of now ?

Think of it, even if , there is a stage where showcasing your talents, might feel uncomfortable, as you develop them ( without even realizing it) it becomes even more natural and you will bless  and influence positively more people.

Glowy kisses,


Photo by Slim Emcee (UG) the poet Truth_From_Africa_Photography on Unsplash


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