I love them and I have been rocking  them for longer then I have even know. It is like art on your head , and it could be very versatile, making you look like a different person from on style to another.

Do you recall the controversy that surfaced on the internet and on social media after a celebrity rocked a Fulani hairstyle. ( she appears on a famous tv show with her family), have you guessed? ok another hint, her husband has a big ego, such a big EGO ?

She has been criticized for cultural appropriation. The heart of the debate was that, certain hairstyle look exotic on other races, but when we black women wear them we face professional racism sometimes. well I am sorry for the ones that have experience that. It is unfair.

However, I do not feel like she needs to pay for social injustice. She might has an implicit  (indirectly) social responsibility due to, her status or influence however, she should free to style her hair the way her heart desires.  As a matter of fact, I have never seen, an asian accusing black women of culture appropriation, because we wear Malaysian, Peruvian wigs/ weave and post our selfies with them.

As a conclusion, let’s educate ourself. As long as we are not digging to learn more about our own culture, we will always feel insecure and threatened about other races, or cultures stealing ours. No culture could stand alone by itself there is always an heritage or influence from or to another.

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