I have been battling with procrastination for a while and seen their consequences.

Procrastination is delaying what you planned to do over and over. Tomorrow, tomorrow, and again tomorrow. Before you know, weeks and months have passed , and you realized you have not reached your goals.

You end  up feeling very disappointed about yourself and it is a bad feeling.

Being disappointed is one thing, ( you can not usually control it ) but being disappointed about yourself, is another thing, because you have the power and control over your life, schedule, time management and some circumstances.

I believe it is strictly related to discipline, and your motivation to be consistent at a task, that will lead to a particular goal. Therefore procrastination reflects how much ( or not)  you are willing to obtain a goal.

So when I kept the goal in mind then it changed my perspective.  Keep the goal and vision in mind, this will keep you on track and you will refuse to postpone, to delay, and be more willing to get organized to execute .

Easier said than done, but really, there is a level  of self pride and admiration when you just do it, even when it is not perfect.

Glowy kiss #glowdiator

Grace, xoxoxoo

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