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It takes a lot of courage and shamelessness to put yourself out there

Nowadays , the culture of putting everything out there is popular and everyone is showcasing something. Their talent, their potential, their skills, their dreams( achieved or not) , their aspirations, their body….within different industries, Beauty, fashion, high tech, food ….I think we are lucky to live in the digital era with all the advantages and also, less brighter sides it implies

How did I become shameless ….

The breaking point:

To me the breaking point was a very personal experience that lead me to explore myself and to display my interests and passion.

The What :

I felt like there was more within me so I asked myself what did I like, what fascinated me, what made me smile, what where the topics ( I could talk about for hours without getting bored)

The how :

Once you know that, then it is a matter of figuring how you will express yourself, shamelessly.

Which media to choose ? Videos ? articles ? podcast ? both ? … that is the how , you need to identify the platforms that best serve your topics, and personality.

The actions :

You know, what are the things you like ( the less the better) so you can be very niche on the messages you are trying to deliver. But at the beginning, it is ok, to have several topics as long as they are relevant to each other. ( example : sports, fitness and nutrition are different topics, but they fall under the same category) I have chosen,  a blog because I feel like writing is like a therapy  ( catharsis)  and Youtube because I like the creativity that comes with editing a video ; and I like to talk hihihi

The hardest part is taking actions and implementing them; because it takes consistency and a lot of discipline. I am still struggling with that. However, the more I am going the easier it becomes.

Be inspired , but be Authentically you :

Exposing yourself, involves that you become vulnerable in a way. Even if you are only sharing, demonstrating, and portraying a part / a fraction of who you are or aspire to become. I recommend to be authentically you in everything you do even if you have role models and inspirations.

Those inspirations are key, they are the ones that will keep you going and make you believe, everything is possible. They are the demonstration that God helps who helps themselves.

Glowy kisses


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