When you realize that , you only owe yourself your  happiness.It is like a cold shower, a bit shocking  but you get used to it.With maturity it is a very soft concept to deal and cope with;It is like struggling to find your balance on your surfboard ,it can be heavy, and you might go against all odds sometimes.

Once you know this, you stand up for yourself and you take actions for your life.

You become responsible, and stop blaming other people for your circumstances.

Not everything is about you, and you know it, so you transform into the main character of your destiny.

What other people say about you, think about you, and even do to you, only has something to do about them, not you.

You start writing the script of your life  well, in my case because I am a believer,  God is by excellence the main author.

However, something clicks. Your thoughts, actions, habits, the way you dress, and what you eat, the places you go and the people you surround yourself with  are no longer, just things, but very important elements of your life that you pick with careful consideration.

You choose your life. I believe that. I don’t do well with,  “ you know in Life , you can’t have it all “. Well I want it all, and I will have it all.

I proclaim it, I inhale it, I feel it, I sense it, I may not be living it yet, but I believe it. What you believe you become.

Own your own happiness. Are you happy with yourself ? whatever the answer, blame it on you. Take it, grab it and swallow it.

Who better than you know what makes you happy? So who better than you can make yourself happy? I know what makes me happy: Taking a walk, Traveling, The sun in my face, Eating a great meal, Drinking tea, Laughing hard, Shopping ( when I can afford it) , Resting, Helping people, Encouraging people… doing my make-up… the secret is not to wait on people to do what makes you happy.


Glowy kisses



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