Nabfi art


Born in africa  ( DRC Congo) and having lived in Paris since the age of 6 years old the name parifricana is the blend of my origins and parisian lifestyle.


No surprise,  I am a beauty aficionada I love make up and above all, skincare because there is no such great make up without  a clear skin.

I am sharing my passion for beauty, but not only,  through the website you will find personal insights about  topics dedicated to better ourselves and  inspire us to chase our  sometimes hidden dreams.


This website also is a platform to promote  my services in the field of marketing and PR for companies or individuals.

I hold a Master  degree in   international business management  and currently work as a project manager for  a company that produces and delivers  merchandising equipment

( gondolas, glorifiers…) for luxury and cosmetics brands.

Would you find interest in working with  me , feel free to express your need  or fill in the form contact within the Contact  section.  Together let’s make things happen